Jamie Kanehl

MSN Student
Jamie Kanehl

Having passionate, caring and dedicated nurses at my bedside throughout nine surgeries and illness inspired me to pursue my career in nursing—I aspire to affect others the way my nurses positively affected me.

When choosing graduate schools, Duke was at the top of the list. Duke not only boasts a commitment to excellence and high standards of education, it also offers globalized programs, specialized majors and top technology for hands-on simulation and skills training.

Beyond the rigorous academic experience that prepares students for their nursing careers, DUSON also prepares us to become leaders and life-long learners.

As an ABSN student, I completed a global experience at the City of Hope in Tanzanaia performing more than 230 physical exams on children who lost their parents from violence and war—ultimately guiding me toward my career in pediatrics.  As a current MSN student, I participated in another global experience in Honduras, working with an interdisciplinary team from Duke filled with ABSN students, NP students, MD students and professors at rural clinics. Learning about global health and cultural competence is an important aspect of DUSON’s education that positively influences our abilities as providers.

The culture at Duke inspires us to work towards our goals. Attending DUSON, we are students for life will always have the support to further the field of nursing.

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