Juramay Oliva

MSN Student
juramay oliva

I have always known that my goal was to work in the medical field, but not knowing where my studies would lead me, I studied health sciences in my undergraduate years. It wasn’t until I completed a medical mission of working in an HIV clinic in Kenya that I would find my drive and passion in helping those in medical need. Being far away from home in a low-resource country was, by far, the most rewarding and humbling experience. Upon returning to San Diego after my trip, I decided to start my journey in the nursing field.  

I chose Duke because I knew the opportunities that being a Duke alumna would carry for me. It is also well known for its wonderful, yet challenging, program that’s equipped with a wide range of specialties. That and I would be able to enjoy an amazing campus and go to the most remarkable chapel.  

Being accepted into the MSN Program is helping me work toward my long-term goal of being able to make a difference in our health care system. I have been able to work in different health care systems, including federal systems such as the Department of Defense for San Diego, where I served as program manager for the Operation Warp Speed. Throughout my career and experiences, I’ve seen that no health care system is perfect, but, regardless of the system, patients are dependent on their providers and the information the providers give them. I believe every opportunity that I’ve experienced has been so rewarding and has consistently reminded me of my passion to help those in need.  

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