Lesley Rink

PhD Student
Lesley Rink

Before beginning my career in nursing, I volunteered as a firefighter and EMT for eleven years. At that point in my life, my full-time career was in state budgeting, public and higher education policy and legislative advocacy, though I had a reoccurring desire to concentrate my energy with patients—inspiring me to shift my career focus to nursing.

As a DUSON ABSN alumna, I have experienced first-hand the culture of attention and dedication that the faculty have for their students. The faculty’s passion for educating students and providing individual attention was key in ensuring I was successful and able to excel in the program.

My training in mindfulness-based stress reduction at Duke Integrative Medicine and personal meditation practice has taught me that the power of mindfulness is not only a tool for stress reduction but also a life-transforming experience. As a nurse in the Surgery Trauma ICU at UNC Health Care, I developed a curiosity for whether mindfulness could also be beneficial for nursing colleagues and patients.

My mentor, Janice Humphreys, has been integral in providing a deep and enriching experience in my first semester in the PhD program. She has connected me with other scholars and experts across the University in the field of mindfulness. As students, we’re encouraged to deepen our skills in nursing science while also collaboratively engaging with others who think differently about issues.

Earning my degree from Duke, I’m thankful for the opportunity to engage in research with cutting edge researchers who are passionate about training the next generation of nurse scientists.

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