Maximo Santos

DNP Student
Maximo Santos

Attending Duke has given me the ability to work in Arizona and study at the same time. After earning my MSN here, I knew this was where I wanted to earn my DNP; I graduated from the Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner specialty in 2014 and the HIV AIDS Nurse Practitioner specialty in 2017, both of which have helped me tremendously in my career.

The clinic I work at in Arizona has been the principal investigator in over 150 HIV clinical trials in the country. Many of these trials have led to presentations at national and international conferences and have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals. While working on these trials, and realizing I could grow my skills, I pursued and graduated from the HIV-AIDS Nurse Practitioner certificate program at Duke where I developed advanced skills in anticipating health care problems, finding affordable and practical solutions. 

My Duke education has helped me mentor others to reach evidenced-based solutions. I’ve gained a strong clinical and theoretical background to transform health care delivery systems and have helped numerous HIV patients improve their quality of life.

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