Michael Buscemi

DNP Student
Michael Buscemi

My desire to become a Nurse Anesthetist developed over time. While growing up, I was surrounded by family members who were healthcare professionals. I was continuously exposed to their conversations and way of life, which increased my interest and desire to enter the profession of nursing. I chose to become an ICU nurse because I wanted a fast-paced career where there is always an opportunity to make a positive impact on someone’s life.

While working as a nurse in a cardiovascular ICU for several years, I was fortunate enough to be able to work closely with both excellent CRNAs and anesthesiologists. After witnessing a CRNA emergently intubate and stabilize an extremely unstable ICU patient, my desire to learn more about the profession began. After multiple shadowing experiences with various CRNAs, I became fascinated with their vast knowledge of pharmacology and physiology. I realized then that I desired the confidence and critical thinking skills that CRNAs possessed. Therefore, my pursuit of becoming a CRNA was set in motion.

Duke University is world renowned for its academic excellence and development of future leaders. I chose Duke University because I knew their Nurse Anesthesia program would prepare me for any challenges that I may face after graduation. The DUNAP is well known for its rigorous curriculum, experienced faculty, and its extensive networking opportunities. I have already learned more than I ever could have imagined during my short time here so far. My classmates are all supportive of each other and my professors are deeply invested in our success.

After gaining experience and confidence as a CRNA, I would like to contribute to the profession by becoming a clinical instructor and mentor for future Nurse Anesthesia students. Although I am unsure of what my future holds for me, I am confident that I made the correct choice in attending the Duke University Nurse Anesthesia program.

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