Monica Nandwani

DNP Student
Monica Nandwani

Working as a bedside nurse was unbelievably rewarding.  I cared for patients during their most vulnerable moments and trying times. I eventually sought to become the clinician arriving at a diagnosis and formulating the appropriate treatment plans. I decided to become a nurse practitioner so I could achieve this level of autonomy in clinical practice. As nurse practitioners, we have the privilege of wearing many hats on a daily basis including clinician, educator, liaison, advocate, leader, navigator and mentor.

When looking through various DNP programs, I was drawn to DUSON’s world-class faculty, diverse student body, comprehensive curriculum and flexibility for individuals (such as myself) who wanted to pursue a doctorate degree while working full-time. DUSON’s strong commitment towards scholarship, mentorship and innovation really appealed to me. Being a part of such a robust academic and clinical community affords me future opportunities as I continue to grow in my profession.

The classes offered as part of the DNP program have given me a different perspective when approaching patient care. The program has made me think about health care delivery on a larger scale. For example, the applied finance and budget planning course has allowed me to gain a better understanding of the financial underpinnings of health care organizations. The effective leadership course has allowed me to identify my strengths not only as a clinician, but also as a leader. The data-driven health care class elucidated how data is gathered, interpreted, utilized, framed and how this informs so many of the decisions we make. The transforming the nation’s health course has facilitated a better understanding of how policy influences and shapes clinical practice. Taken together, the lessons I have learned throughout my DNP journey are ones I believe equip me to be an informed and effective practitioner and leader.

I genuinely believe that DUSON education has prepared me for the opportunities that await in nursing’s future.


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