Rachel Collins

DNP Student
Rachel Collins

I first shadowed a CRNA in high school and immediately fell in love with the profession. The independence in the operating room, the focus of one patient on the table drove me to the career path, and I’ve loved every step of the way.

I chose Duke due to the immense amount of resources dedicated to student success, the reputation of excellence carried by the University’s Health System and the expertise exemplified by the nurse anesthesia faculty.

When I attended the on-campus learning experience, faculty toured us through the simulation operating rooms and students spent so much of their time explaining the critical role simulation played in their education and introduction to anesthesia. As a student in the program, I’ve dedicated my doctoral project to improving the CRNA re-entry to practice process through simulation and enjoy participating in simulation events for the program.

DUSON has taught me to never be satisfied and to always look for what can be improved. As Duke-educated health care professionals, we have the opportunity and potential to make a large impact on patient care and outcomes. In the operating room, CRNAs act as a patient’s voice in a time when they cannot speak for themselves. I plan on using my education to ensure that voice is heard and to find and fill the gaps in patient care that need to be addressed.

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