Rachel Devon

ABSN Student
Rachel Devon

Nursing is my second career. After high school, I went to college at Appalachian State in NC with the intent of becoming a teacher, and I did. I taught both locally and abroad in Abu Dhabi, UAE, for five years. Towards the end of that five years, I decided that I needed more out of my career. I decided to pursue nursing because I wanted the opportunity to help people on a daily basis, especially through the difficult times that can arise when a person is sick or in the hospital.

With nursing being my second career, I knew that I wanted more than just a degree, I wanted a well-rounded nursing education. That’s why I chose Duke University School of Nursing. I knew that DUSON would provide me with the skill that would prepare me to be an outstanding bedside nurse with the critical thinking skills and bedside skills to prepare me for the nursing profession.

The moment I stepped on campus during Duke Days I felt right at home. So far, DUSON has taught me to think innovatively about nursing and the impact I can have currently as a student, and as a future nurse.

I aspire to practice as a neonatal intensive care unit nurse. While at DUSON, I’ve had the advantage of training as a doula and have started working as a student nurse on a melanoma foundation. Being a nurse doesn’t mean I just have to work on one unit in one specialty. DUSON has shown me all of the opportunities available to nurses and has encouraged me to take advantage of those opportunities.

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