Roxanne Finch

ABSN Student
Roxanne Finch

Being from the most impoverished and crime-stricken area of New York City, I was told from a young age to not set my goals too high. I believed my potential was greater than what I was brought into, and I wanted to prove others who may have doubted me.

I was inspired to become a nurse in high school after I joined a health science track that was taught by registered nurses. I saw how much nurses knew and how important they are in both their skills and mindsets in health with health care outcomes.

After graduating from high school, my mother experienced a stroke that disabled her. I stayed with her throughout her month-long hospital stay and helped her with her daily activities once she was discharged. This experience was influential in my choice to pursue nursing.

Earning my degree at Duke prepares me to be a successful and trustworthy asset to future employers and colleagues and more importantly, the patients I will care for.

Before starting my first semester as an ABSN student, I was chosen as a Health Equity Academy II Scholar. This scholarship and professional program was a wonderful opportunity that allowed me to meet and minority faculty members and learn and grow with fellow scholars. This program has provided me with a great deal of social support and I know it will continue to support me as I progress in my nursing profession.



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