Sherri McDonald

DNP Student
sherri mcdonald

I was hospitalized when I was 19. Being young and still determining what career I wanted to pursue, I decided to attend nursing school after the care I received from one of my nurses. Her empathy and sincerity for my situation demonstrated how compassion could be employed in a career. I wanted to provide the same level of service to our community that she had shown to me.

I am pursuing my DNP in Informatics because I have a passion for analytics and understand the opportunity that data plays in improving population health. I believe that the information we've gained over the last 10 to 15 years contain the keys to improving our nation's health care system and drive down health care costs.

I chose DUSON due to the school's reputation and the Nursing Informatics Program. The connections I have made with faculty and peer students have helped me to fully appreciate the community of DUSON and the value this school brings to its graduates.

I hope the education from DUSON affords me the opportunity to bring focus on improving the health care system on a local and national scale. Nurses are branching out into landscapes beyond bedside care, such as insurance and business, to advance our profession. Our voices are needed to make decisions and advocate for our communities. My DUSON education allows me to be a part of these discussions and drive change by pulling together the business side of health care with the knowledge and compassion that drives me as a nurse.

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