Trayanna Whiting

MSN Student
Trayanna Whiting

When entering the MSN program, I was initially nervous about joining a distance-based program, but have found the Health Informatics specialty in the MSN program to be a fantastic experience. My advisor has been incredibly helpful and readily available for any questions I may have and the faculty have been knowledgeable and truly make the classes interesting, pertinent and informative.

DUSON has world-class faculty members, incredible facilities, low student-to-teacher ratios and many other benefits that prepare future advanced practitioners to become future nurse leaders.

I chose to study Health Informatics because informatics plays an important role in the future of nursing. All nurses use some form of technology, so I want to hone in on the skills I already possess and learn more about data entry and management in nursing. I would like to utilize technological resources to enhance the nursing care provided to patients and their loved ones.

I have been married for eight years to a Duke alum and we have an amazing 18-month old son and a daughter due soon. I balance being a wife, a mother, working full-time at Duke Lenox Baker and pursuing my advanced degree through a lot of support from my husband, good use of time management, prioritization and the supportive faculty at DUSON. I can’t think of a better place to be educated into a future nursing leader.

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