ABSN Curriculum

Course#Course NameCourse Credits
                                                  Semester 1 
Nursing 388Health Assessment and Foundations for Nursing Practice Across the Lifespan6
Nursing 389Wellness/Health Promotion Across the Lifespan4
Nursing 392Professional Nursing: Past, Present & Future2
Nursing 393Physiologic Homeostasis and Principles of Pharmacology2
 Semester Total14
                                                 Semester 2 
Nursing 394Professional Nursing: Evolution as an Evidence-Based Clinician2
Nursing 395Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family4
Nursing 396Nursing Care of Infants, Children and Adolescents4
Nursing 397Community and Public Health Nursing4
Nursing 398Pathophysiology and Pharmacology I2
 Semester Total16
                                                Semester 3 
Nursing 473Professional Nursing: Evolution as an Effective Team Member2
Nursing 474Nursing Management of the Adult Patient with Health Problems5
Nursing 475Gerontological Nursing: Caring for Older Adults and their Families4
Nursing 476Pathophysiology and Pharmacology II2
*Nursing xxxElective3
 Semester Total16
                                              Semester 4 
Nursing 483Professional Nursing: Evolution as a Leader2
Nursing 484Nursing Care of Patients with Complex Health Problems7
*Nursing xxxElective3
 Semester Total12
 Grand Total58

* may be graduate or undergraduate course

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