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Center for Nursing Research

Center for Nursing Research team

The Center for Nursing Research (CNR) is dedicated to providing resources that faculty, students and Duke University Health System practicing nurse and researchers need to advance nursing and interdisciplinary science. The CNR focuses on four key areas that concentrate on optimizing health across the spectrum, from discovery to translation. These areas of research excellence are:

  • Clinical Innovation: Advancing approaches using ideas, processes, products, procedures or interventions and health system changes to benefit the health of individuals, groups and populations.
  • Population Health and Chronic Illness: Increasing health outcomes of a group of individuals, including families or communities, and reducing health disparities within the group.
  • Precision Health: Customizing evidence-based approaches to health that incorporates genomics, environment and lifestyle.
  • Methods and Analytics: Optimizing the use of cutting-edge and underutilized approaches to study design and analytics.

Read our white paper on the four research areas of excellence.

Research Cores

The CNR supports researchers in four key areas called cores. Each of the cores provides specific resources. The cores are:

  1. Faculty Science Core
  2. Pre-award Liaison Services Core
  3. Research Design and Statistics Core
  4. Research Oversight and Compliance Core

CNR HUB: Research Tools & Resources

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