Science Core

Core Description

We facilitate research and collaboration for faculty scientists, steer growth and investment in our targeted areas of research excellence, and promote and accelerate DUSON research, innovation and accomplishments.

Our Experts
Sharron Docherty,
Vice Dean
Ryan Shaw
Ryan Shaw,
Health Innovation
Julia Walker, Faculty RAE Lead
Julia Walker,
Michael Cary, Faculty RAE Lead
Michael Cary,
Data Science

Research Advisory Council
Faculty Mentorship Task Force

Our Services

Faculty Mentorship

  • Randolph Salon Project

    We support faculty in the development of their research programs and grant submissions.

  • We offer workshops and informational sessions to help faculty stay abreast of services, systems and institutional requirements.

  • We support the Faculty Mentorship Task Force (see roster below)

Competitive Enhancement of Research Proposals

  • Request a Think Tank to meet with peer experts about aims, study design and methods being proposed for the study.

  • Request a Mock Review designed to simulate an NIH study section, to strengthen your proposal ahead of submission.

  • Request scientific editing for clarity and alignment with sponsor and institutional goals.

To Grow and Promote Research, we:

  • Manage the CNR pilot grant program
    • Current Pilot RFP
    • Note - The CNR Pilot Program does not allow F&A or indirect costs, nor does it allow effort for faculty members.
  • Help find funding
  • Facilitate Research Interest Groups to discuss cross-cutting research topics
  • Facilitate team science and strategic partnerships
  • Provide support for start-up of funded research
  • Host visiting professors/consultants
  • Support the CNR Research Advisory Council (see roster below)

Connections to Campus Resources

  • Connect faculty with internal resources to support research goals
  • Engage experts and potential collaborators to bolster programs of research
Our Resources
Research Advisory Council

The Research Advisory Council is an advisory committee to the Vice Dean for Research of the School of Nursing, Research Areas of Excellence leads and the Assistant Dean of Research Development. The Council formed to establish a dialogue between faculty and the Vice Dean of Research for the School of Nursing, to advise the Center for Nursing Research on all matters of research of concern to faculty, and to update the Council on research activities in the School.


Marta Mulawa, PhD, Assistant Professor, Chair
Anita Stallings, Associate Dean for Development
Bradi Granger, Professor
Chip Bailey, Jr., PhD, Associate Professor
Darchelle Excellent, PhD Student
Deborah "Hutch" Allen, Director of Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice
Ashleigh Harlow, PhD Student
Donna Biederman, Associate Professor
Eleanor Stevenson PhD, Professor
Irene Felsman, Assistant Professor
Isaac M. Lipkus, PhD, Professor
Kais Gadhoumi, Assistant Professor
Mariam Kayle, Assistant Professor
Qing Yang, PhD, Assistant Professor
Sophia Smith, PhD, Associate Professor
Tolu Oyesanya, PhD, Assistant Professor
Sharron Docherty, Interim Vice Dean


Faculty Mentorship Task Force

The Task Force works to develop faculty-mentoring strategies to support a strong mentoring community within the School of Nursing. We work to promote faculty success by offering tools needed to help both mentors and mentees successfully navigate a research career in the School of Nursing.


Barbara Turner, PhD, Professor
Bradi Granger, Professor
Anne Derouin, DNP, Professor
Debra Brandon, PhD, Associate Professor
Donna Biederman, DrPH, Associate Professor
Eleanor Stevenson, PhD, Professor
Isaac Lipkus, PhD, Professor
Julia Walker, PhD, Professor
Marilyn Oermann, PhD, Professor
Marta Mulawa, PhD, Assistant Professor
Sharron Docherty, PhD, Interim Vice Dean
Tolu Oyesanya, PhD, Assistant Professor


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