Strategic Plan Update: Becoming the Destination for Outstanding Talent

As DUSON begins the strategic plan implementation process, we know that a clear vision is of utmost importance as we, faculty, staff, and students, engage and enroll in the process.

In an effort to provide continuous communication to promote our strategic plan goals, strategies and process, the Monday Update will include feature articles on various aspects of the implementation process.

For the next several weeks, we will feature more about the importance, goals and priority strategies of the six focus areas - Education, Research, Clinical Practice, Community Health Improvement, Global Health and People & Environment.

This week, we highlight People & Environment. The four goals identified for this area are:

  1. Advance all dimensions of diversity and inclusiveness as essential components of excellence at DUSON.
  2. Cultivate a culture that recognizes and respects the contributions and role of every individual at DUSON.
  3. Become a recognized employer of choice.
  4. Strengthen operational effectiveness and support for the people and environment of DUSON.

The group identified five priority strategies to focus on for the 2016-2017 academic year:

  1. Foster an inclusive environment where people from all backgrounds thrive and work together for the common good.
  2. Recruit and retain outstanding faculty, staff and students who are representative of the diverse community served by DUSON.
  3. Commit to unwavering dedication to the core values of DUSON.
  4. Continue to build a respectful and supportive environment that is collaborative and advances working together.
  5. Improve work-life fit.

Let's hear from Executive Sponsors Brigit Carter and David Bowersox on what this all means.

Q: Why are the goals for people and environment so important?

Bowersox: We think the DUSON strategic plan says it the best, 'Be the destination for outstanding talent.' We know that the people who make up an organization represent the most important element in the ability for that organization to thrive long-term. We also know that people want to work and spend time in a place that values them, what they bring to the table, and wants to see each person grow and develop as an individual.

Carter: The people at DUSON is why our foundation is strong and it is our goal to continue to grow and prosper as a school which means we need to continue to invest in our most valuable assets. Creating an outstanding environment where people want to be takes constant vigilance and the work is never truly 'finished'.

Q: Why were your five priority strategies chosen?

Bowersox: First, we should point out that the people and environment focus area has more strategies than any other part of the strategic plan. This is intentional and speaks to the importance DUSON places upon support of our people and the place we work and study. It reflects our values of having a place where people feel safe, supported, and included, regardless of their background, race, gender, or any other measure of diversity.

Carter: The specific strategies were chosen after considering the feedback of the people and environment working group who created all of the people and environment strategies as part of the School's plan development and the ranking of strategies completed by the Strategic Plan Steering Committee. These five represent the clear priorities of faculty and staff who contributed to the development of the strategic plan.

Q: What do you and your team hope to accomplish before the end of this calendar year?

Bowersox: Each of the five strategy implementation teams have specific objectives and deliverables. They are already hard at work on these 26 deliverables. Some examples include:

  • Develop position description and search plan for position to lead diversity and inclusion efforts at DUSON
  • Develop work climate survey for DUSON
  • Charge individuals or group responsible for creating and implementing recruitment strategies for faculty, staff and students (by academic program), work with them to ensure success
  • Establish actions to be taken as part of every faculty and staff recruitment to ensure a diverse pool of applicants
  • Create video that promotes core values
  • Create suggested interview questions to be used in faculty, staff and student interviews to assess congruity with Core Values
  • Establish required, formal mechanism as part of annual faculty and staff performance evaluations to provide a performance rating about Core Values
  • Develop learning opportunities to strengthen conflict resolution skills
  • Form small team and establish community guidelines that define expected response times to after-hours communications
  • Identify exercise groups and/or classes that can be held at DUSON

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