Current Students

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the only application required to receive federal student loans. It’s not too late to submit the FAFSA for the current academic year and receive federal student loans. The FAFSA application for the current academic year is available until June 30th. Current students who will be enrolled for the upcoming academic year must submit the FAFSA again by May 1st to receive a financial aid offer notification by mid-June.

Submit the 2024-2025 FAFSA for the upcoming academic year which covers the Fall 2024/Spring 2025/Summer 2025 semesters:

  • DUSON School Code: 002920
  • Complete using 2022 tax information
  • The Direct data Exchange will import 2022 into the FAFSA
  • College Grade Level: Other Undergraduate
  • Parent information may be required based on criteria outlined by the Department of Education

Current students will receive a financial aid offer for the upcoming academic year by mid-June if the FAFSA is submitted by May 1st.

We will email you a new Excel spreadsheet after processing your financial aid offer since the tuition and fee rates change each academic year. You will reapply for a private loan for Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 semesters by July 1st to insure your loan is certified prior to the August 1st fall bill due date. You may use any private lender of your choice as it doesn’t have to be the same lender from last year. We recommend comparing interest rates and using the lender offering you the lowest rate and best terms. Duke provides a recommended lender list to help you know which companies provide private student loans. Make sure to accept the federal loans in the DukeHub prior to the August 1st bill due date if you wish to use them.

If you have forgotten how to use the Excel spreadsheet and apply for a private student loan, please refer to our Financial Aid Video Library which provides detailed instructions.

Students who received a DUSON need-based scholarship for the first part of the program will automatically receive it for the second part of the program and no additional applications are required. Current students are not eligible to apply for the need-based scholarship once enrolled in the program. We wish you a very successful year!


Other Forms of Financial Aid
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