Nursing Education

Nursing educator with student

The nursing education major is designed to prepare you for the nurse educator role in academic or staff development settings. It reflects the nurse educator competencies developed by national organizations and is comprehensive in nature. The curriculum integrates core master’s-level concepts, advanced clinical foundations (i.e., assessment, pharmacology, pathophysiology) and education-focused courses (principles of teaching, assessment/evaluation, curriculum development, etc.). The nursing education major is delivered through an online asynchronous format that allows you to participate in courses at your own convenience. The major culminates in Nursing 744 (Implementing the Educator Role: Synthesis), an intensive individualized practicum in which you collaborate with a master educator to implement the role.

The advanced clinical-focused courses included in this major provide you with a strong foundation regarding what you will teach, and the education-focused courses provide an exceptional basis regarding how to teach. As a result, graduates of the Nursing Education MSN specialty are well prepared to assume faculty or clinical instructor positions in schools of nursing or staff development positions in health care institutions.

  • Opportunity to work with master teachers at premier schools of nursing or health care institutions throughout the country, including Duke.

  • Nationally-known experts in nursing education teach all specialty courses and serve as role model master teachers.

  • Course development is guided by nurse educator competencies that have been established by national nursing education organizations.

  • Most of the courses are one credit and are offered in concentrated blocks of time, allowing for flexibility and intense focus on particular areas (e.g., educational technology).

  • The strong clinical base is a unique feature.

  • 36 credit hours

Enrollment Options

The Nursing Education program is online.

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Embracing Diversity For An Engaged Community

Embracing diversity is a crucial component for engaging with students, faculty, and the world. We think of it as diversity with a global perspective. Creating a learning climate where creativity, robust yet respectful debate, and a genuine respect for others can flourish. Fostering international research collaborations, developing global health initiatives, and coordinating access to health care for under-served populations. Educating next-generation nurses for leadership and service in the global community.

Diversity with a global perspective assures a warm welcome—not mere tolerance—for differences in national origin, race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or veteran status.

We provide a safe haven where diversity can spawn intellectual engagement and collaborative partnerships.

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