PhD Financial Support

PhD student tuition and 12-month stipends are fully funded for up to five years. As a PhD student, you'll receive a competitive package that should provide financial support (tuition, stipend, health insurance) for the majority of the time you are registered and working toward your degree. PhD students are supported in various ways, including funding from the School of Nursing, Graduate School, or other governmental and private sources. 

PhD students also play an integral part in the financial commitment. All students are expected to make a good-faith effort to obtain external fellowships at some point during their funding period and will be encouraged to pursue these opportunities. PhD students will be required to apply for summer funding from the Graduate School for summers during years 3-5. If not awarded, the School of Nursing will work with the student to find other sources of support (e.g., TA or RA ship). 

It is essential to understand that the overall PhD Program awards budget depends on a significant number of students obtaining such external support. External grants and fellowships also benefit students because they bring distinction, and competing for such awards provides students with opportunities to practice grant-writing skills that may serve them well in their future careers.

PhD Student Graduate Assistantships (RA/TA):

Beginning with the second semester of Year 1, PhD students receiving financial support from the School of Nursing are required to engage in a Graduate Assistantship in research or teaching (approximately 8 hours per week). Graduate Assistantships support the mission of the school but also enhance the student’s scholarly portfolio.

Catherine Gilliss Endowed Scholarship Award:

The Duke University School of Nursing created the Catherine Gilliss Endowed Scholarship Award as a tribute to Catherine Gilliss and her legacy of excellence as Dean of the School of Nursing from 2004 to 2014. An incoming PhD student will receive the award annually based on excellent qualifications and academic promise.

The award provides an annual $5,000 stipend supplement for two years.

James B. Duke Fellowship:
The James B. Duke 100th Anniversary Fund provides fellowships for students who wish to pursue a program leading to the PhD in The Graduate School. Its objective is to help attract and develop outstanding scholars at Duke. Selection of recipients is made by a faculty committee upon nomination by the appropriate department. These fellowships provide a $5,000 stipend supplement for four years in addition to any other award the student receives from the department, The Graduate School, or national fellowships. This award is offered through The Graduate School. Incoming students are nominated by their department; no direct application is necessary.

Dean's Graduate Fellowship:

The Dean's Graduate Fellowships are provided to students who-- because of their background, culture, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, work, and life experiences-- contribute to a fuller representation of perspectives within the University's academic life. The Graduate School's commitment to promoting and benefiting from diversity leads it to encourage nominations of students who are black/African American, American Indian/Alaskan Native, and Hispanic/Latino Americans. All nominees must be U.S. citizens. 

The Dean's Graduate Fellowship will provide a 12-month stipend during the first two years of study and a $6,500 stipend supplement (depending on the student's course of study)  in the third and fourth years of study. The Dean's Graduate Fellowship will also cover partial tuition (i.e., tuition remission) and total fees for the fall, spring, and summer terms during the first two years of study and summer tuition and fees during the third and fourth summers for students receiving a summer stipend from this Fellowship. The Graduate School will provide a scholarship for the balance of the tuition. 

This award is offered through The Graduate School. Incoming students are nominated by their department; no direct application is necessary. More details are included here

Duke Margolis Scholars Program in Health Policy and Management:

The Margolis Scholars program is a prestigious program for Duke University students that demonstrate a strong interest in and commitment to a career in health policy and management, as well as leadership potential to improve health policy. Named in honor of Rovert Margolis, M.D., the founder of Duke-Margolis and a pioneer of innovative integrated care delivery models, the Margolis Scholars program provides promising students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to be the next generation of health care leaders. 

Margolis Scholars is a competitive program open to students at undergraduate and graduate levels. Selected Scholars are engaged in the program for 1-2 years, depending on their program of study.

More details are included here. 

Duke Global Health Institute (DGHI), Doctoral Scholars Program:

For current Duke doctoral students with a deep interest in global health, the Global Health Doctoral Scholars program offers the opportunity for dynamic intellectual exchange, faculty mentorship and rigorous dissertation research on a global health challenge. In collaboration with a faculty mentor, you will explore the social, economic, and cultural context of global health while conducting innovative research impacting health equity an expanding your professional skills and opportunities. 

As a Global Health Doctoral Scholar, you will receive 50% of your academic-year stipend for one year and may receive funding for a second year upon successful application for continuation. You will work closely with a DGHI faculty mentor or a mentoring team. Our world-class faculty provide research guidance an professional development opportunities designed to advance your career in global health.

More details are included here

Holditch-Davis PhD Student Pilot Study Award Program:

The PhD Student Pilot Study Fund was launched in 2013 to support the conduct of student research. The pilot fund was renamed the Holditch-Davis PhD Student Research Study Award in January 2022 in recognition of the generous endowment made to the Duke University School of Nursing from the Holditch-Davis family.

Calls for proposals will be sent out twice per year: Spring and Fall. Funding amounts may vary based on the cycle but typically range between $800 - $1,000.

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