PhD TED-Talk Style Event

Every year, students and faculty from the PhD programs at Duke University School of Nursing and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill College of Nursing gather for a collaboration dinner. As a way to enhance student engagement and speaking opportunities, this dinner now opens with a TED-Talk style event. Five students from each school are selected from a pool of abstract submissions to present a five-minute TED-Talk. This event is student-driven and each year has received wonderful feedback from both student presenters and attendees. Please view the links below, highlighting the 2017 TED-Style Talk presenters from Duke University School of Nursing.

Narrative Communication: An Exercise Intervention Created with and for Breast Cancer Survivors

~ Rachel Hirschey

A Vaccine to Prevent Cancer!

~ Lisa Mansfield

A Mobile Technology Program in Fighting Against Heart Disease

~ Zhao Ni

Are You Still You After Being Diagnosed with Dementia?

~ Jing Wang

Diaper Changing in the NICU

~ Ashlee Vance

Working with Multiple Sclerosis

~ Kristin Wainwright

I Survived My Childhood Chronic Condition. Now What?

~ Mariam Kayle

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