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MSN Alumni Jacinta Curtis on the COVID-19 frontlinesCommunity Update

Many have asked how they can help the School of Nursing during the COVID-19 crisis. Never has the need for unrestricted gifts to the School of Nursing Annual Fund been more urgent, nor has the potential for tangible, immediate impact been greater. As our students grapple with unanticipated expenses, such as food insecurity, temporary housing costs, lost employment, and technology for online learning, they will rely heavily on the support we offer. Thank you for supporting the Duke University School of Nursing during this global pandemic. Together we will ensure that the nursing pipeline remains strong and patients continue to have access to quality nursing care.

For additional ways to help during this difficult time, please visit Duke Health’s COVID-19 Response Fund and Other Ways to Help, or Duke University’s Assisting Students at Duke, and the Duke-Durham Fund.

(Pictured is MSN - Pediatric Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Alumni Jacinta Curtis on the COVID-19 frontlines in Durham, NC.)


As an alumnus of the Duke University School of Nursing, you are part of an exclusive group of nearly 7,000 healthcare leaders. We are proud that our alumni are changing healthcare, introducing new methods of patient care, and incorporating cutting-edge technology into their careers.

Duke-educated nurses are changing the face of healthcare all over the world. Our alumni are:

  • Creating new medical devices to keep intravenous lines organized, shielded and protected

  • Founding and operating a non-profit primary care clinic in St. John, treating patients in vulnerable populations

  • Presiding over the American Organization for Nurse Executives

  • Saving and transforming lives in Guatemala, as a medical director treating more than 2,000 at-risk patients per year

  • Volunteering across the country in disaster relief situations

No matter when our alumni graduated or where they are now, they all have something in common – they graduated from the best nursing school in the nation!

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