Deadlines, Fees and Applications


The U.S. Visa process for J-1/J-2 visitors can take up to five months from the time the scholar submits the application for the program. No scholars shall arrive during the month of December. To allow adequate time for Visa processing, the following deadlines apply:

  • For August, September, October, and November placement at Duke: Deadline to receive application is March 15.

  • For January, February, March, April, May and June placement at Duke: Deadline to receive application is August 15.


The minimum fee to be charged is $2,500 (eight weeks or less).  For the current academic year, the weekly visiting scholar rate is $300/week.


Please read the following before you begin the online visiting scholar application.

Once you begin the visiting scholar application, you will not be able to save it and return at a later date to complete it. Please be sure you have the following documents available to upload prior to starting the application:

  1. Current curriculum vitae including academic background and working experience.

  2. One-page summary of your goals and objectives.

  3. Letter of reference from appropriate department head at the applicant’s university, institute, hospital or organization.

  4. Statement indicating how the applicant plans to use the knowledge gained.

  5. Proof of financial support as required by U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Duke Visa Services. 

  6. Proof of wire transfer for $300 application fee.

Apply here if you are interested in becoming a visiting scholar.

DUHS Clinical Observations

NOTE: No DUHS clinical observations shall take place during the months of June, July, August, December and January.

The deadline to submit an application for a clinical observation is six months prior to the desired start date.


The fee for the two-week duration is $2,500.


Apply here if you are interested in a clinical observation experience with the Duke University Health System.

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