Happy 2019!


Welcome School of Nursing students, faculty and staff to 2019 and the spring semester of our 2018-2019 academic year!

We are excited to welcome all of our new students joining the Duke University School of Nursing (DUSON) community and are delighted to assist you on your journey to becoming future nurse leaders.

As a community, we've had a very busy and prosperous 2018, and we look forward to new opportunities to continue transforming the future of nursing, to advance health with individuals, families and communities.

If you're new to the DUSON family, we invite you to learn more about our Strategic Plan and see what endless opportunities you can look forward to witnessing this year.

We also encourage everyone to take full advantage of all that we have to offer studentsfaculty and staff.

We wish everyone a very happy new year and a prosperous school year!

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