Certificate Applicant

Post graduate certificate students are eligible to apply for federal loan funding, but NOT eligible to receive scholarships provided by the School of Nursing. Complete the federal application below to apply for federal loans.

Post-graduate certificate applicants who complete the FAFSA applications by the priority deadline, will receive a financial aid offer notification within two weeks of acceptance into the program. Students who complete the FAFSA after the priority deadline will receive a financial aid offer notification within two weeks after submitting the applications.

NOTE: once you accept the offer to attend and pay your deposit, all correspondence from our office will be sent to your Duke email address.

Specialty Certificate students are not eligible for federal loans or DUSON scholarships. The Bursar Office (central billing office) provides a monthly payment plan as an option to pay for the program. More information is available on the Bursar website. The other option is to borrow a private student loan. Duke provides a Recommended Lender List as a starting point to help students find a lender. Students are not required to use any lender on this list. We recommend using the lender who is offering the lowest interest rate and best options.

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