Professional Certificates

We offer professional certificates for Master of Science in Nursing or Doctor of Nursing Practice students, and practicing nurse practitioners. These certificates are not considered continuing education certificates, but are comprised of graduate level courses.

Groupings of courses pertaining to an advanced practice specialty are available within certain APRN majors. Students who wish to include a specialty in their course of study should consult their advisors in order to determine if the specialty is appropriate for and available in their majors. The following certificates are currently available:

HIV Specialty students with professor Clinical Certificates
Education Certificate

The Certificate in Nursing Education prepares graduate students and nurses for teaching in schools of nursing, health care systems, and other settings. The Certificate is open to registered nurses who possess a master's or DNP degree from an ACEN- or CCNE-accredited nursing school, a PhD or other doctoral degree, or are enrolled in a master's, DNP, or PhD program. To apply for the Certificate in Nursing Education, if you are not a current student, visit the Apply Now page and select MSN (select Specialty Certificate once you've created a profile).

Post-DNP Executive Leadership Specialty (ELS) Certificate

The Post-DNP Executive Leadership Specialty (ELS) certificate provides seasoned nurse leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to lead complex and changing organizations and health care systems. This one-year specialty certificate is in the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program and is part-time and distance-based with on-campus activities and professional networking and development each semester. The ELS certificate is designed to accommodate a busy professional career and the work/life balance of our students.

The curriculum of this specialty provides students the knowledge and skills to:

  • Lead complex organizations by understanding people, organizations and the advanced use of multiple sources of data.

  • Forecast and monitor trends in patient care, health care legislation and more.

  • Develop skills in designing, implementing and evaluating care of populations to meet organizational goals.

  • Comfortably and authoritatively, manage fast-breaking situations such as illness outbreaks, organizational emergencies or personnel issues.

The courses in the Duke Doctor of Nursing Practice Executive Leadership include:

  • Advanced Decision-Making in Health Care (Fall semester)

  • Advanced Topics in Leadership (Spring semester)

  • Planning and Evaluation Care for Populations (Summer semester)

The ideal candidate for the Duke Doctor of Nursing Practice Executive Leadership Specialty certificate is a DNP prepared senior nurse leader with five+ years of experience in a leadership role, who aspires to an executive position. Applications are accepted for fall and spring semester starts.

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