Office of Academic Assessment and Evaluation (OAAE)

assessment graphicWelcome to the Office of Academic Assessment and Evaluation (OAAE). The mission of OAAE is to:

  • Lead the design, implementation, evaluation, and revision of DUSON's systematic evaluation plan.

  • Guide initiatives that document the extent to which DUSON students meet established program outcomes and the School meets accreditation and other standards.

  • Serve as a resource to the School of Nursing in the area of assessment and evaluation.

To accomplish our work, OAAE:

  • Develops, manages, and implements evaluation plans that provide data for accreditation and externally funded educational grants.

  • Manages course and teacher evaluations

  • Conducts program evaluation which includes student exit and alumni surveys.

  • Provides guidance and support in the interpretation and use of evaluation data for accreditation and continuous improvement.

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