Research and Scholarship

Faculty meeting with community partnersCommunity Engaged Research

Many of the Duke University School of Nursing (DUSON) faculty are working with D-CHIPP and other community partner organizations on health programs and research. This work engages the community partner and DUSON faculty in mutually beneficial ways, improving the opportunity for quality and sustainable community health program development and improvement.

Grant writing for programs and research

When funding is available, D-CHIPP will partner with local organizations to submit grants that support health improvement programs and/or research to advance population health. DUSON faculty members have a wide variety of research interests, and D-CHIPP will match community organizations with faculty members for research purposes when appropriate.

Awarding small grants for capacity building

D-CHIPP provides small grants to local community organizations through a competitive application process. The purpose of these small grants is to support mission-oriented services and programs. To learn more about the small grants available, email

Disseminating research and progress

As the reach of D-CHIPP grows, we look forward to disseminating our program's success via DUSON and other Duke Health publications, local meetings and presentations, conference posters, and peer-reviewed articles.

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