The PEACE Program

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What is the PEACE program?

The Promoting Empowered Approaches for Critical/Challenging Encounters (PEACE) program provides a supportive infrastructure within our organization and resources to assist our community members with navigating challenging conversations and interactions with one another.

Professionalism through Peer Conversations

Community members should engage the PEACE program when the individual has participated in or witnessed interactions (exchange of words or behaviors) that do not align with the Duke University School of Nursing (DUSON)'s core values and would like support in navigating and/or identifying resources to support the resolution of the interaction.

Peer Facilitators
Who are the peer facilitators?

Peer facilitators were selected by the DUSON community. These individuals demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Good listener
  • Good communicator

The PEACE program peer facilitators attended the DUSON provided training by Ada Gregory, Duke Undergraduate Ombudsperson, and will receive continuous education and training to support their role as they serve in the program.

What is the peer facilitator role?

Their role is to provide independent strategies for communicating one-on-one with a community member and provide support when a meeting between community members has been requested to support conflict resolution through conversation. The peer facilitator will maintain the confidential nature of the PEACE program's conversations, meaning they will not share the discussion, unless there is an imminent risk of harm or details are shared that violates Duke's Harassment Policy.

The peer facilitator can:

  • Provide strategies for communicating one-on-one with a colleague
  • Be a support person in the meeting

The peer facilitator cannot:

  • Investigate issues
  • Fix problems
How to Engage in the Program

Complete the DUSON ODEI Initial Contact Form by clicking the button below:

Complete Initial Contact Form

Engagement Process for DUSON Community Members
  • Complete Initial Contact Form.
  • Form is reviewed and peer facilitator is assigned by ODEI within one business day. Requests received on weekends will be processed on Monday.
  • Peer facilitator sends initial contact email to schedule a meeting within 48 hours.
  • Meet with peer facilitator to discuss the situation.
  • Peer facilitator helps explore independent steps to resolve the issue.
    • If to be addressed in-person, a meeting is scheduled with peer facilitator and community members.
  • Engagement is complete and participants will receive an evaluation form to complete to provide feedback about experience with the program.

*Disclaimer on limits to confidentiality of program and peer facilitators: Only confidential resources such as the ombudsperson, Integrity in Action - Duke Health Compliance Program, Clergy, Personal Assistance Services (PAS), The Women's Center and the Durham Crisis Response Center, are able to not share information about a report without the individual's express written permission unless there is a continuing threat of harm to the complaint or to others. With the exception of the confidential resources listed above, Duke requires all employees who become of prohibited conduct to notify The Office of Institutional Equity (OIE). The PEACE program is a non-confidential, informal resource to debrief and sort out resources to address the participant's concern directly.

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