Global Health Consultation

The Office of Global Affairs and Community Health Initiatives (OGACHI) provides professional services to international and domestic health care organizations, schools of nursing, government entities, contractors, community-based organizations and relevant individuals for the purpose of improving health outcomes worldwide.

Consultative Services

OGACHI can provide health care advice, information and instruction needed for these different entities. Our experts will consult with your organization and provide you with a written report according to your interests. The length of consultation will be arranged in accordance with the needs of your organization.

Technical Assistance

Through our technical assistance program, OGACHI will provide specific services. These services may include “on-the-ground” work, teaching a course, developing guidelines and policies or providing continuing education. Services such as the following can be delivered on-site directly or remotely:

  • Assistance in curriculum development
  • Research training or mentoring
  • Project evaluation
  • Continuing education
  • Faculty/staff development
  • Policy development
  • Course instruction
  • Leadership development 
Global Leadership Services
  • Academic program development
  • Research program development
  • Work force capacity development
  • Health care delivery design
Fee Schedule for Global Health Services

Fees vary based on services provided.  To discuss our fee structure, please contact:

The Office of Global and Community Health Initiatives (OGACHI)
Duke University School of Nursing
DUMC Box 3322
307 Trent Drive
Durham, NC 27710-0001
Phone: 919-684-9554

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