Advisory Board

Since 2009, the IEE director has worked with a group of faculty who share an interest in and passion for promoting excellence in nursing education. Initially this group was an informal one, but those volunteers helped shape new directions for the IEE, and in 2012 this informal group became formalized as the IEE Advisory Board.

Purpose and Functions

The purpose of the IEE Advisory Board is to advise the IEE director regarding future directions for the Institute. This purpose is achieved through the following functions:

  • Review the IEE’s mission, vision and goals every two to three years to ensure they remain relevant, focused and aggressive

  • Assist in monitoring progress toward achievement of goals outlined in and make recommendations for revision of the IEE’s strategic plan

  • Serve as reviewers of Teaching Fellowship applications and make recommendations regarding recipients

  • Participate in the orientation of new full-time faculty

  • Assist in evaluating all IEE programs (e.g., new faculty orientation, clinical instructor intensive, national conference, teaching conversations, fellowship program, program evaluation processes) and making recommendations for ongoing improvement

  • Assist in the preparation of applications for ongoing designation as an NLN Center of Excellence in Nursing Education

  • Serve as a source of support for Teaching Fellows

  • Collaborate as a research team to design, seek funding for and implement rigorous pedagogical research studies that will help the School achieve its goals related to educational excellence and, simultaneously, contribute to the science of nursing education


Individuals invited by the director of the Institute for Educational Excellence to serve on the IEE Advisory Board include full-time faculty whose area of scholarship and primary area of expertise are education/teaching. Most Advisory Board members are from the School of Nursing, but faculty from other disciplines who exhibit a commitment to educational excellence also serve. Finally, all individuals who complete a Teaching Fellowship are invited and expected to serve.

To allow for a lively and informed exchange of ideas, there are at least five and no more than 10 faculty members, each of whom serves a two-year term on the Advisory Board. Members may be appointed to successive terms without limit.

Ex-Officio Advisory Board Members
  • Valerie Howard, EdD, MSN, RN, CNE, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Katie Overbey, MSN, RN, NPD-BC
  • Elizabeth Ross, DPT, MMSc, FAACH
  • Tony Snipes, BA, AA
  • Michele Kuszajewski, DNP, RN, CHSE
  • Diana McNeill, MD, FACP, Director, Duke AHEAD
Advisory Board Members
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