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2016-2020 Strategic Plan

Duke University School of Nursing launched our 2016-2020 Strategic Plan. This page and the plan allow you to learn more about our vision for the future of our community. Join us on this exciting journey!

Our Strategic Plan was built on six focus areas: Education, Research, Clinical Practice, Community Health Improvement, Global Health and People and Environment. From these six areas, our plan featured 23 specific goals and 58 strategies that would help us meet them. For our first year, we identified 20 of these strategies that would serve as the foundation of our future work.

More than 100 of our faculty, staff, students and Duke University and Health System partners participated in one or more of these teams. Here are the key focus areas of the Strategic Plan along with the executive sponsor(s), strategies and the incredible progress these teams have made for each:

Focus Area: Education

Prepare nursing leaders who will shape the future

Executive Sponsor: Janice Humphreys, PhD

2016–2017 Strategies and Outcomes

  • Strategy 1.1: Systematically assess all programs (existing and proposed) to ensure relevance, quality and sustainability.
    • Outcome: New process and template documents created to be used to evaluate existing and proposed programs.
    • Outcome: Documents reviewed and approved by Executive Committee and Academic Team.
  • Strategy 1.2: Create an engaging student-centered learning environment.
    • Outcome: Developed recommendations to support three priority tactics around developing and using best practices on student engagement, to support educational practices.
    • Outcome: Outlined a process for gathering, assimilating and disseminating data around educational best practices that demonstrate student involvement.
  • Strategy 2.1: Increase scholarship and other funding to offset the cost of tuition.
    • Outcome: 19.4 percent increase in DUSON Annual Fund giving with $441,000 received from 947 donors.
    • Outcome: Secured $885,000 in pledges for new ABSN scholarship support matched 1:1 by the Access and Opportunity Challenge.
    • Outcome: Created seven new endowments and increased one existing endowment, totaling $1.77 million.
    • Outcome: Secured additional lead gifts and pledges toward the Sharon Hawks and Frank Titch DNP-Anesthesia Scholarship Endowment totaling $62,400.
  • Strategy 3.1: Develop innovative new models and approaches for nursing education.
    • Outcome: Developed proposal for reorganizing the Institute for Educational Excellence; focusing on Education Excellence, Innovation and Scholarship.
    • Outcome: Proposal circulated for leadership input and approval.

Focus Area: Research

Lead and accelerate nursing science and its translation

Executive Sponsor: Marilyn Hockenberry, PhD, RN

2016–2017 Strategies and Outcomes

  • Strategy 1.1: Focus more extensively on faculty mentorship and research development.
    • Outcome: Center for Nursing Research offering key services through center cores
    • Outcome: Established Research Steering Council, Grant Writing Club
    • Outcome: Held 27 research events, six faculty think tanks
    • Outcome: Offerings include weekly stats and IRB labs
    • Outcome: Pilot grant funds made available year round
  • Strategy 2.1: Recruit, retain, recognize and develop a world-leading research faculty at DUSON.
    • Outcome: External research consultants hired
    • Outcome: Joint faculty appointments and research faculty recruitment underway
  • Strategy 3.2: Implement the following research areas of excellence (RAEs): Clinical Innovation, Population Health and Chronic Illness, Precision Health and Methods & Analytics.
    • Outcome: Four RAEs up and running with research faculty leads
    • Outcome: Launched Health Innovation Lab
    • Outcome: Collaborative and development activities sponsored by RAEs include workshops, roundtables, visiting scholars
  • Strategy 4.1: Promote and accelerate DUSON research, innovation and accomplishments.
    • Outcome: Held successful DUSON Research Day Conference
    • Outcome: Significant increase in campus-wide collaborations

Focus Area: Clinical Practice

Provide and promote unparalleled clinical expertise

Executive Sponsors: Valerie Sabol, PhD, RN, and Katherine Pereira, DNP, RN

2016–2017 Strategies and Outcomes

  • Strategy 1.1: Create diverse faculty practice and patient care models that are financially and logistically sustainable.
    • Outcome: Completed information gathering to better understand current faculty clinical practice models and perceived barriers at DUSON
    • Outcome: Completed faculty survey with 39 respondents and benchmarking of clinical practice in peer schools
    • Outcome: Consulted with Advance Practice Provider (APP) reimbursement model expert
    • Outcome: Established series of meetings with Duke University Health System Advanced Practice leadership to determine employer perspectives on faculty practice opportunities and challenges
  • Strategy 1.3: Align DUSON's appointment, promotion and tenure practices to reflect the value of clinical practice.
    • Outcome: Revised DUSON's APT criteria to include scholarly activities suited to the practice scholar
    • Outcome: Revisions advanced for approval to APT Committee
  • Strategy 2.1: Work with Duke Health and other practice partners to develop clinical and scholarly collaborations that are mutually beneficial.
    • Outcome: Executive Sponsors involved with ongoing Duke Advancement of Nursing, Center of Excellence (DANCE) initiative to implement and sustain its foundational pillars

Focus Area: Community Health Improvement

Collaborate with the community to advance health

Executive Sponsor: Barbara Turner, PhD, RN

2016–2017 Strategies and Outcomes

  • Strategy 1.2: Develop a centralized office within DUSON to coordinate the community and population health improvement agenda.
    • Outcome: Significant DUSON presence at Duke Health and Duke University committees
    • Outcome: Solidified a dedicated community and population health improvement program and created an office
    • Outcome: Benchmarked 14 academic institutions and schools. Illuminated multiple possibilities for the DUSON office to link elective courses, mobile health programs/clinics, interdisciplinary student clinics and opportunities for community engagement
    • Outcome: Completed listening sessions with internal and external stakeholders to assess expectations of the office
    • Outcome: Completed DUSON faculty community and population health improvement survey to inform future work. Results shared with faculty and leadership
  • Strategy 2.2: Create a research cluster specific to community and population health improvement.
    • Outcome: Formally connected community health improvements research, CNR population health pillar, and Office for Community and Population Health improvement within DUSON
    • Outcome: Formally connected DUSON with Duke community and population health improvement research
    • Outcome: Expanded capacity to support community and population health improvement research pre to post award

Focus Area: Global Health

Take DUSON to the world and bring the world to DUSON

Executive Sponsor: Michael Relf, PhD, RN

2016–2017 Strategies and Outcomes

  • Strategy 1.3: Strategically identify global priorities and geographies.
    • Outcome: Developed an updated Guiding Principles for OGACHI activities to inform future global projects, activities and education
  • Strategy 2.1: Integrate global health concepts and experiences across all DUSON educational programs.
    • Outcome: Tactics developed to expand the scope of global health education at DUSON, including the possibillity of a minor/certificate in global health

Focus Area: People & Environment

Be the destination for outstanding talent

Executive Sponsors: Brigit Carter, PhD, MSN, RN, and David Bowersox, MBA

2016–2017 Strategies and Outcomes

  • Strategy 1.1: Foster an inclusive environment where people from all backgrounds thrive and work together for the common good.
    • Outcome: Developed position description and recruiting plan for Associate Dean, Diversity and Inclusivity
    • Outcome: Organized ongoing plan for diversity & inclusion awareness sessions
  • Strategy 1.2: Recruit and retain outstanding faculty, staff and students who are representative of the diverse community served by DUSON.
    • Outcome: Developed draft faculty, staff and student recruiting targets for further review
    • Outcome: Created routine reporting to assess progress towards recruitment and retention of identified underrepresented targets
  • Strategy 2.1: Commit to unwavering dedication to the core values of DUSON.
    • Outcome: Created Core Values signage, and awareness raising communications plan
    • Outcome: In addition to website presence, developed multiple strategies to institutionalize core values
  • Strategy 2.2: Continue to build a respectful and supportive environment that is collaborative and advances working together.
    • Outcome: Established assessment of contribution to core values as part of annual faculty evaluations
    • Outcome: Identified and posted learning opportunities to strengthen conflict resolution skills
    • Outcome: Increased transparency by publishing departmental annual reports and Executive Committee meetings on share drive
    • Outcome: Developed and provided DUSON's finances training to faculty and staff
  • Strategy 3.2: Improve work-life fit.
    • Outcome: Established After Hours Communications guidelines and After-Hours Sakai Support policy
    • Outcome: Created job description, completed interview process and hired a Wellness Coordinator