Let’s DU Lunch Program

Let’s DU Lunch is an innovative pilot project sponsored by the DUSON Student Council and supported by the Dean, the Senior Leadership and Faculty. The concept of the program is simple—to provide an opportunity to students and faculty to informally network and build relationships over lunch.

DUSON students can invite faculty members to lunch to get to know them personally, away from the formal instructor-student setting, and learn more about nursing opportunities, faculty research interests and expand their understanding of everything DUSON has to offer. Designed as a collaboration-building program, Let's DU Lunch is patterned after a successful undergraduate program at Duke.

How It Works…

It’s simple! A student or a small group of students invites a faculty member to “Let's DU Lunch.” We suggest that no more than one to four students attend a lunch with a faculty member to allow for greater interaction and involvement. Students and faculty can go to any restaurant they like, but the lunch is capped at $12 per person (no alcohol and includes tax and gratuities). The cost of the meal is paid for from funds set aside by DUSON Administration.

What Faculty Members Think About It...

"This is such an innovative idea! As faculty we get to know students in our courses, but typically our interactions are about course content. Lunch will allow both students and faculty to get to know each other better.”  --  Marilyn Oerman

"The Let’s DU Lunch program is a great opportunity for faculty and students to network, explore common interests and engage in outside-of-the-classroom discussions about nursing and professional opportunities.”  --  Michael Relf

“Only part of the learning at DUSON occurs in the classroom or clinical…there is so much richness that faculty have to offer to students. Let’s DU Lunch is the perfect start to building that relationship.”  --  Helen Gordon

For more information, please contact the DUSON Student Council. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Bon Appétit!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I sign up for this?

    • Fill out the form. There can be one to four students per faculty member per lunch. You can spend $12 per person/per lunch.

    • Submit this form. Let's DU Lunch submission deadlines are: 5/20, 6/3, 6/17, 7/1 and 7/22.

    • An approval email with a copy of the completed Let's DU Lunch intake form from Qualtrics will be sent to you and the invited faculty member.

    • Print the approval email for your faculty member.

    • Go to Let's DU Lunch! The faculty member should pay for the lunch.

    • Have your invited faculty member turn in the approval form and their receipt for Let's DU Lunch to Teresa Jenkins, administrative assistant to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, so the meal can be charged to the Let's DU Lunch fund code.

  • How do faculty sign up for this?

    • A student will sign up the faculty member when the student indicates on the form who they will be going to lunch with. Faculty members do not sign up on the form.

  • How much will faculty be reimbursed for lunch?

    • The maximum to be spent on a person per lunch is $12.

  • Can I just hand all my forms to Teresa Jenkins in her office?

    • No. Please put all forms for reimbursement into Teresa's mailbox in Pearson 3080.

  • Who pays for the lunch when we go out?

    • The faculty member should pay for lunch and then submit the receipt.

  • How much can I spend per lunch per person?

    • $12

  • How does the approval process work?

    • Let's DU Lunch approvals will occur only on certain dates rather than continuously. Please turn in your lunch requests by these deadlines: 5/20, 6/3, 6/17, 7/1 and 7/22.

  • How many times can a student go to lunch?

    • A student can go to lunch once per semester (fall, spring, summer).

  • Can off-campus and distance-based students go to lunch with DUSON faculty?

    • Yes! We encourage these students to participate during their On-Campus Intensives and other times when they will be meeting with DUSON faculty.

  • Can I buy alcohol?

    • No. Alcohol may not be purchased with these funds.

  • Where can I go?

    • Anywhere you want - agree on the location of the meal with your faculty member.

  • What are some lunch places nearby?

    • If you want to walk or have a time limit:

      • Café DUSON

      • Nosh at Joe Rae Café

      • Saladelia at Perkins

    • If you want to drive or have a little bit more time:

      • Mad Hatters

      • Foster's Market

      • Any restaurants on Erwin Rd, 9th Street or in Downtown Durham

  • How do I ask a faculty member to lunch?

    • Figure out who you want to have lunch with by looking at the faculty directory and view individual faculty profiles to see what they work on and what their interests are. Or you can ask other DUSON faculty, your advisor or the DUSON Student Council for suggestions.

    • Email or call the faculty member to see if they are interested and available (example: "Dear Dr. XX, My name is YY, and I am a student in the ZZ program. I would like to invite you to Let's DU Lunch with me. Would you be interested? I would like to talk and A, B and C topics. When are you available? My availability is [list a few dates and times]. Would any of those dates work for you? Thank you, [your name, email, phone, program])

  • What do I talk about with the faculty?

    • Some possible ideas:

      • Their research interests

      • Where they have worked before or are currently working

      • Where they went to school

    • Some potential topics:

      • Educational experience

      • Career options

      • Professional and academic service and advancement

      • Educational options

      • Mentoring

      • Hobbies, outside interests

    • Some potential questions to ask during lunch:

      • How did you get where you are today?

      • What do you do?

      • What is your average day like?

      • If you were in my position, what should I do?

      • What is your best advice?

      • What do you like about your job?

      • What do you like about nursing?

      • Is there anyone else I should connect with in this field?

      • What brought you to nursing?

      • How can I get more involved in (research projects, volunteer work, nursing education, etc.)?

      • Are there any resources (books, professional organizations, people, etc.) you can suggest that would help me gain insight and experience?

      • What is the best thing that has happened to you in your professional career?

      • Tell me about your  most memorable patient.

      • What brought you to North Carolina?

    • How long do I have to set up the lunch?

      • You have until the end of the semester before your request expires. That means that you can request the lunch at the start of the semester and go in the middle or end of the semester. If for some reason that you can’t set up a time, please let the DUSON Student Council know. We will work with you to schedule with another faculty person or extend the approval period.

    • Which DUSON students can participate?

      • All students in DUSON can participate—both distance and on-campus!

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