License and Certifications Module

An important note about immunizations: Please check your student gateway portal often; secure messages will be sent to you when you are out of compliance or due for a vaccination. A "Detailed Health Science Immunization Requirements" document is posted on the Student Health website for your reference. If you have concerns about the requirements, you may contact Student Health at or via fax at (919) 681-7386.

All ABSN, MSN, and DNP students—clinical and non-clinical, distance- and campus-based—are required to fulfill a certain degree of compliance materials according to the program compliance requirements outlined below. It is imperative that you print the required information and submit it to the Office of Admissions and Student Services in a timely fashion; your clinical placement and/or registration status depends on our receipt of this information.

ABSN Compliance RequirementsRenewal Period
Confidentiality AgreementYearly
Form A1 time during Pre-Registration
Community Health Modules2 Years
BLS Certification Card2 years (AHA Only)
Background Check1 time
Drug ScreeningYearly
Fingerprinting1 time
Core Compliance Orientation (information found in Sakai)Yearly










MSN Compliance RequirementsRenewal Period
Confidentiality Agreement (All Majors)Yearly
OESO Modules (All Majors)Yearly
Nursing License (All Majors)
To print documentation, visit your state's nursing board website
Dependent on issuing state
Criminal Background Check (All Majors)1 time
BLS (All Majors)2 years (AHA Only)
ACLS (Required for CRNA Students)2 years (AHA Only)
PALS (Required for CRNA and Pediatric Acute Chronic Care Students)2 years (AHA Only)
NRP (Required for Neonatal Students)2 years










DNP Compliance RequirementsRenewal Period
Confidentiality AgreementYearly
Nursing License
To print documentation, visit your state's nursing board website
Dependent on issuing state
OESO ModulesYearly






You may submit your compliance materials by:

  • emailing them to
  • faxing them to 919-668-4693
  • bringing them to Pearson Building, Suite 1003
  • mailing them to:
    • Duke University School of Nursing
      Office of Admissions and Student Services
      Box 102400
      307 Trent Drive
      Durham, NC 27710
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