Student Success Center

The Student Success Center aims to promote emotional health, provide academic support, and connect students to resources at Duke and beyond. The Center is led by Dr. Bernice Alston and supported by Dr. Sean Convoy.

Dr. Alston is available for in-person or online consultations during normal business hours. Meetings may include conversations about stress management, academics, interpersonal challenges, mental health and well-being, or other aspects of student life.

To schedule a meeting, you can visit the link below to fill out the form, call (919) 660-1655 or email We look forward to hearing from you.

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Visit program title to register in advance.

DateTimeProgram TitlePresenterFormat
Wednesday, August 313 - 3:30 p.m.CAPS: Stress ManagementLisa MilligerVirtual


Visit program title to register in advance.

DateTimeProgram TitlePresenterFormat
Thursday, September 15 - 6 p.m.Nutrition: What is self-care? What is healthy eating?Franca Alphin or Toni ApadulaVirtual
Tuesday, September 61:30 p.m.Getting OrganizedBernice AlstonVirtual
Wednesday, September 76 - 7 p.m.Managing Imposter SyndromeMonica Monari (ABSN Alum)Virtual
Thursday, September 82 - 3 p.m.Academic WritingElena TurnerIn person
Tuesday, September 137 - 7:30 p.m.APA Citations & Formatting WorkshopMarilyn OermannVirtual
Tuesday, September 271 - 2 p.m.Job Searches and Cover Letter & Resume WritingJemma BolerIn person


Visit program title to register in advance.

DateTimeProgram TitlePresenterFormat
Tuesday, October 45-5:30 p.m.Budget Friendly Meal Planning for Busy SchedulesFranca Alphin or Toni ApadulaVirtual
Wednesday, October 53-3:30 p.m.Stress ManagementCAPSVirtual
Wednesday, October 197-8:00 p.m.Writing & Publishing WorkshopMarilyn OermannVirtual
Wednesday, October 267-7:30 p.m.Presentations WorkshopMarilyn OermannVirtual


Frequently Asked Questions

The Student Success Center offers only pre-clinical consultations and does not provide formal mental health treatment. All services are offered by the School of Nursing free of charge and will not be charged to health insurance.

Faculty and staff are welcome to schedule a consultation with us to discuss students of concern and strategies in talking with students. However, all of our student consultations must be initiated by the student and we will not reach out for scheduling. We want to ensure that students see our services as entirely optional and voluntary.

We welcome all DUSON students and firmly believe that ALL people can benefit from emotional support and skill building. Our consultations cover a wide variety of wellness-related topics. Examples of consultations include challenges in adjusting to a new city or academic program, stress related to COVID-19, experiences of systematic injustice or racism in the current political environment, questions related to sexual identity, imposter syndrome and compassion fatigue, relationship issues, and managing work/life balance.

Absolutely. Our staff are very familiar with the mental health providers working at Duke and in the local community. This includes psychotherapy and psychiatry services at Duke Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), free telehealth counseling through Blue Devils Care, and a variety of community-based providers. Feel free to schedule a consultation to discuss the options available to you and how to get connected with these services or providers.

You must be a currently enrolled DUSON student to be eligible for individual consultations with the Student Success Center. DUSON faculty and staff may consult with us about student issues or concerns. For personal challenges, all DUSON faculty and staff are eligible for services from the Duke Personal Assistance Service. Dr. Sean Convoy may be available to hold WiseMind workshops outside of DUSON. If you are interested in WiseMind workshops, contact him directly.

Currently, our services are focused on supporting emotional wellness. However, we are happy to help connect you with academic resources at DUSON and at Duke. For a listing of current academic support services offered to DUSON students, visit the Academic Support page.

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