DNP Program Outcomes

Use translational science and analytic methods to develop, identify, implement, and evaluate best practices to improve health care and health care systems.

Act as a practicing scholar to design, direct and evaluate system changes to promote safe, timely, effective, efficient, and equitable patient-centered care.

Engage in complex, evidence-based advanced-nursing practice and evaluative approaches to care delivery for individuals, communities, and populations.

Partner with others to develop interactive interprofessional teams that communicate effectively, promote health, reduce risk, enhance patient outcomes and improve complex healthcare delivery systems.

Employ strategic leadership skills to influence health policy; implement ethical, cost-effective, evidence-based changes in care systems; and advance the profession.

Translate knowledge into practice and policy to reduce health disparities, encourage cultural sensitivity and promote access to quality care while advocating for social justice and equity locally, nationally, and globally.

Use analytic data methods, information systems, and technology to evaluate, integrate and apply the knowledge that will improve care programs, outcomes of care, and care systems.

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