Diversity Support Resources

The descriptions and links below will give you a general idea of the many university offices and online resource sites that provide diversity support services for graduate students at Duke. For more specific information, please visit the links provided. Many of the offices and groups serve several segments of the university community; so please note that unless the links below point to a page specifically referencing graduate student services, you may need to confirm with the office in question whether graduate students are eligible to use a particular service or resource.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion at DUSON is here to support students, faculty and staff and ensure that each individual feels supported, heard and respected. Watch this video that describes resources available to students who believe they are experiencing unprofessional behavior, harassment or discrimination. Learn more about Stand Against Racism.

Duke University Diversity Website 

The Duke University Diversity Website serves as a hub for information about diversity at Duke, including university initiatives, relevant news and events, and profiles that feature members of Duke's diverse academic community.

Duke Office for Institutional Equity

The mission of the Office for Institutional Equity is to advance and sustain an environment of equity, diversity, and inclusiveness for all members of the Duke University community by insuring equal access to employment and educational opportunities. The office supports Duke’s efforts to comply with both the letter and the spirit of laws regarding equal opportunity, affirmative action, equal access, and prohibited discrimination.

To fulfill its mission, the Office for Institutional Equity provides:

  • Information, training, and resources to the Duke community with regard to diversity, harassment prevention, discrimination, affirmative action, equal opportunity, and disability matters;

  • Departmental and individual consultation to staff, faculty, students, and senior leaders;

  • A mechanism for handling complaints of harassment and discrimination;

  • Oversight of and support for the University’s compliance efforts and policy implementation in the areas of equal opportunity and affirmative action, harassment prevention, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. 

Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity

The Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity provides education, advocacy, academic engagement and safe space for LGBTQ, questioning, and straight-allied students, staff and faculty at Duke University.  It also welcomes members of neighboring communities and educational institutions. Through its programs, the Center encourages social interaction and critical thinking about the intellectual, cultural and political ramifications of sexual and gender difference at Duke and beyond.  It aims to challenge bias and to create a more hospitable campus climate. The Center educates the Duke community both inside and outside traditional classroom settings.  It provides a safe haven, state-of-the art technology, events and programs, a lending library, and access to local LGBTQ resources.

Center for Multicultural Affairs

The Duke Center for Multicultural Affairs is dedicated to the creation of a richly diverse and unified campus community. The center provides a wide range of diversity, cross-cultural, and multicultural services. It also actively welcomes new and innovative programming ideas from all members of the community. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to make full use of the center’s beautiful multipurpose space and its library of multimedia resources.

Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture

The purpose of the Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture is to:

  1. Preserve and enhance black culture at Duke University;

  2. Promote a better understanding and harmony among the races;

  3. Provide a meeting facility for those with a common interest in black culture;

  4. Promote recruitment of black students to Duke University by providing a magnet area;

  5. Help motivate the student population and general public to increase their knowledge and understanding of black culture; and

  6. Assist black students in maintaining their self-esteem by promoting cultural pride.

Religious  Life

Duke Chapel represents Protestant, Catholic, non-denominational, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu faiths, making it one of the most religiously active and diverse universities in the world. The deans of the Chapel, along with over 35 campus ministers, chaplains, and professional staff, provide leadership to more than 1,500 students involved in religious life on campus.

Women's Center

Established in 1989, the Duke University Women’s Center works to improve the status of women in higher education at Duke. By educating the university community about gender-related issues, addressing matters of particular concern to women, and promoting a campus climate that is safe, healthy, and respectful of all people, the Center enhances all students’ academic experiences. In collaboration with student groups and other departments, the Women’s Center offers information, advocacy, technical assistance, referrals, and programming on a variety of gender-related issues, including safety, health, personal and professional development, sexuality, discrimination, and harassment.

For further assistance, contact the Office of Student Services.

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