NA Merit Scholarship

Admissions Application Deadline: September 1

All Fall 2023 Nurse Anesthesia-DNP applicants are considered for the Nurse Anesthesia merit scholarship through their Admissions application. One $68,400 tuition scholarship is awarded to a new Fall 2023 Nurse Anesthesia-DNP student The scholarship is awarded as follows: $29,400 in the 1st year of the program, $24,000 in the 2nd year of the program, and $15,000 in the final year of the program. Students must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States to be eligible for consideration.

The purpose of this scholarship program is to provide tuition assistance to outstanding individuals who demonstrate academic achievement, creativity and innovation, exceptional communication skills, and the potential for significant leadership in professional endeavors.

Students who receive the Merit Scholarship must remain in good academic standing throughout their program of study and, in collaboration with their Program Director and Assistant Dean, contribute to the school in substantive ways.

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